Puppy Acne

Loki has had a problem with puppy acne (aka canine acne) since we got him! I never knew a dog could have such sensitive skin. We tried using my alcohol-free acne medicine but I never liked using it on him because not only would it dry him out, but he would constantly lick! I finally found Natural Dog Company and bought the travel pack to try all of them – and they are amazing! I use the Skin Soother or Wrinkle Balm for his acne, and Paw Soother helped his dry paws soooooo much! And the Skin Soother helped his yeast in his paws! I wish I took a before picture of his paws because they were unbelievable but now three of them are yeast free and back to his white fur color instead of a brown red! One of his back paws were the worst, it had scabs and a cyst so we’re still dealing with that but there’s no more scabs at least AND the cyst is smaller! I highly recommend all of these products! They had been beyond great for us!

Spencerport, NY

Products Used

Wrinkle Balm


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