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Precious and Mushy

Precious is a 12 year old, 5 lb pure-bred Pomeranian, who loves her home in Thousand Oaks, CA. She is a baby-faced Pom and unfortunately she also has some health problems. But her mommy always knew how lucky she was to have such a cute, talented and amazing dog. When Precious would go on field trips, she’d warn her mommy that it was going to take a lot of extra time because EVERYONE would stop her and ask about Precious and the type of dog she was – they would even ask if she was REAL!?! “I promise, she’s a real doggy.” Her mom always wanted to share how special she was and was so happy when she found Instagram, YouTube and Vine to create a memorial of Precious she could share with the world.

Precious shares her home with her BFF & brother, Mush, a 75 lb lab-mix rescue who is about 9 years old (we don’t know for sure since we found him wandering in the streets of LA).

We are so glad that Precious noticed how bad Mushy’s nose was getting. We had tried everything, from lotions to vitamin E to oils, and NOTHING worked. After a few minutes of research we thankfully found Snout Soother! After a few days, his nose almost magically went from dry, cracked & crusty to soft & smooth again. He gets Snout Soother every few days before he goes on a walk – that way we keep him occupied with something else so he doesn’t lick it all off and his nose stays as good as new! Mushy is so much happier now, and his mommy & daddy are too! Thank you so much Snout Soother for making a happy family even happier!
Precious and Mushy
  • Karie, Precious and Mushy Man
  • Thousand Oaks, CA
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