I wanted to take a moment to share with you the fantastic results Otis got with the Snout Soother. Since Otis was a pup, he has had what the vet told us was “warts” on his nose. After hearing about your product and reading the testimonials, I ordered the Snout Soother. We received the nose balm on Monday afternoon and I began applying in the morning and evening. After 5 applications of Snout Soother, his nose is “wart” free. What an awesome product!

On a side note, I have also ordered the Skin Soother for our english bulldog, Fred, who has a terrible case of itchy tail syndrome. Skin soother has provided instant relief for Fred. I am excluding photos as this involves Fred’s his tush.

 Thank you Natural Dog Company!!!

Peculiar, Missouri

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Snout Soother


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