Miss Teagan

This is Miss Teagan Blu Reynolds, a chow/shepherd mix who rescued us almost 2 years ago. We found her on a free puppy ad on Craigslist and we had no idea that she was on the verge of death. The vet didn’t give her a good prognosis at all. She was lethargic, anemic and covered with fleas. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! We also found out she was blind, started having seizures/tremors, and was losing strength in her back legs. She had a blue hue around her eyes and somebody had told us that was death circling. This momma was not giving up! Slowly, as Miss Teagan started gaining weight, her tremors became less frequent and she started getting stronger!! Her vision has greatly improved even though shadows and lights still mess her up a little. Paw Soother is amazing!! She loves getting her “Pawdicure” and that makes this momma very happy =) thank you so much!!

Mount Juliet, TN

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