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Meet the civil service dogs of Del Rey!

Meet the civil service dogs of Del Rey!

Taser is our most active dog. His handler is Officer Chris Salopek who works with us as a Reserve Officer. Chris’s fulltime job is with the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation. He is assigned to the Salinas Valley State Prison – Special Investigations Section. Together Sal and Taser go up and down the State searching prisons for contraband, and supports special task forces. Taser’s unique ability to locate cell phones by scent is incredible to see. As a result, they have been used on some high profile searches for homicide victims.

Ares is the first dog we placed on the Street, and the most powerful patrol dog we have. He is outstanding tracker and is a powerful protector. He and his handler Officer Dave Laurits support operation CAL-GRIP which sweeps for known gang members. Del Rey Oaks is in Monterey County and approximately 20 miles from Salinas, Ca. This is where the Nuestra Familia originated. Salinas and many of the other Cities have intense gang and homicide problems and the dogs are always on call. Ares is going to advanced SWAT school in the next couple of months.

Jessie has the life of leisure. She is my dog, “The Chief’s Dog” and is either with me, or the family at all times. She is protection and patrol trained and we use her in that fashion. As a 31 year law enforcement veteran, I am very well known in the County. Threats are always on-going, and Jessie is a constant companion. We really don’t go anywhere without her.

All of the dogs are helicopter certified. They are muzzled and individually taken with their handlers on a flight in the CHP helicopter. All passed with flying colors.

I have used your product and it works great. I included a photo of her, look at her snout. Thanks for your support, we love these dogs.
Meet the civil service dogs of Del Rey!
  • Ron Langford Chief of Police
  • Del Rey Oaks Police Department
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