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I haven’t gotten my dog neutered yet, unfortunately…and because of that, my dog has always had a brown, gunk looking substance on his skin in between his legs and testicles for the past 2.5¬†years he’s been alive. I’ve tried all kinds of stuff to get it off…I’ve tried washing his skin with blue Dawn to rubbing it with a baby wipe¬†–¬†nothing has ever gotten rid of his crusty buildup. He tends to lick at it so I’m sure it is uncomfortable for him. I¬†already¬†own¬†the PawTector and the Snout Shine from Natural Dog Company and absolutely loved the results they had on Meeko, especially since he has many skin allergies.

So when I saw that they had come out with Wrinkle Balm, I was ecstatic as Meeko is prone to skin fold infections along with the brown gunk on his skin in his nether regions. So upon applying¬†some Wrinkle Balm on his lower half, the brown gunk came off almost immediately, leaving my dog’s skin clearer than I’ve ever seen it!

It’s only my first day of using it on him but I can easily say that I would recommend the Wrinkle Balm to anyone who has a dog prone to these types of skin problems. I’ve already recommended people to Natural Dog Company before because I absolutely love the quality of the products they produce, along with the organic ingredients. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Meeko’s Skin
  • Taylor
  • San Antonio,¬†TX
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