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Meatball: The Ambassador of Groomingsdale’s of Austin


MEATBALL is the Ambassador of Groomingdale’s of Austin and has become a local celebrity here in our home base of Austin, Texas. This handsome canine has graced the cover of the popular Austin Pet’s Directory [hyperlink to] and is featured in his very own, humorous Q&A where he talks about his favorite products including our very own, Snout Soother!

Meatball is loved and cared for by Tomay Ryder and this is what she had to say about Snout Soother…

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this product!! I am SHOCKED at the improvement in his nose…just can’t quite get over how quickly this worked! I have told everyone who will listen about it! I am carrying your product in my shop and will DEFINITELY be doing some heavy promoting!! Great stuff.

Crazy huh??? His nose is sooo soft now…I hope these pics are good enough to use. It is just amazing. I can’t say it enough! I love this stuff…and so does Meaty man. The change in Meatball’s nose is amazing!

Also wanted to let you know that one of my employees tried Snout Soother on her cat’s chin acne, and after about a week, it is 100% better! The cat LOVED having it put on, as I am assuming it was soothing to his skin. She put it on twice a day, and was so happy that it started clearing up. Thanks so much!

Meatball: The Ambassador of Groomingsdale’s of Austin
  • Tomay Ryder
  • Austin, TX
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