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LuLu Bella

Lulu Bella’s Dry Pug Nose

I got some Snout Soother for my 6-year-old Lulu Bella’s dry pug nose. Her dry pug nose had a constant dry patch on it. It just looked like it was so painful. We started to use it regularly on her dry pug nose. She has grown to like the taste of the stuff. After I put it on she licks it, which is good, as she is just licking it in into her dry pug nose. If I get out my little tin can of Snout Smoother, she comes over to me, sits down, and looks at me…her dry patch is definitely a LOT smaller. Sometimes I use it on my heels when they are cracked and it works great. Both myself and Lulu are so thankful for Snout Soother.

We ❤ LOVE ❤ it.

LuLu Bella’s Dry Pug Nose
  • Hester Wheelton
  • Yukon, Canada
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