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Kai’s Funky Nose is Healed

Because of your most miraculous product, our Boy ‘Kai” and we recently celebrated his 8th and quite possibly best birthday ever funky nose free…We thank God Everyday, as he is in 4+ years of remission from a groin nodule which turned out to be a Stage 3 Mast Cell Cancer. Other than that, he was perfect health, only occasional allergies the last few years where we controlled it with Benadryl when needed. With that, over time, we believed that the allergies were also the cause for the thickening layers of that cobblestone textured black area of his funky nose. Anyway, everything was fine. That is until we noticed something strange that almost seemed to have popped up overnight. We noticed a small inflamed lesion on his funky nose about the diameter of a pencil eraser just below his right nostril…The biopsy came back as inconclusive but hinting to a bacterial infection, initially diagnosed as possible Furunculosis or Canine Acne, and he prescribed a 2-week course of antibiotics to see if things would improve.

To our disappointment, not only did things not improve but his funky nose actually got worse. We tried to eliminate all possible things that may be causing this, we switched all his bowls to stainless and because of him being an aggressive player and toy chewer, removed all irritating type toys from his toy box that might make the situation worse, and I even installed an Ever-Pure Commercial Water Filter for his water, as well as a few more anal things on my part. Another 2-weeks of antibiotics along with an ointment, this time, were prescribed but yet again things worsened now to multiple lesions surrounding his sweet funky nose, as well as a pea size growth under his upper lip and a major lesion between the split of his lip below his nose. I continued searching and reading everywhere for a better solution, I found nothing better than what I’ve already tried.

UNTIL, I found your product Snout Soother! Within a week, I noticed more results on his funky nose than months of my other remedies. Dry hard chunks were falling off his nose almost daily. In fact almost too soon with one that fell off the second week and started bleeding a bit, but as fast as it started it stopped almost overnight and wasn’t even red anymore. All inflamed lesions are 99% gone, only slight scarring remains on his nose, which we can happily live with. It’s been about a month, and our boy Kai looks and I’m sure feels like a new dog. We can’t thank you enough for your miraculous breakthrough in healing his poor funky nose. Our Vet is amazed and wanted all the info on your company which I proudly gave him. Please see attached weekly photos, as the proof is in the puddin’..or in this case Snout Soother…Thank You again from the bottom of our hearts for making our Son well again.

Update: Kai is much, much better than you’ve last seen. Nose is back to being Crust Free, Smooth, Soft, Moist…Lesion Free…Because of you…We and our Healthy Boy are in Happy Land.
Another Update: It’s been a couple of months since those photos were taken, and believe me those weren’t even the worst. I can honestly say from then until now there is even a greater improvement. With Dr. Does’ unbelievable care and Snout Soother, we have our Boy Back!

Kai’s Funky Nose
  • Pete & Vicky Samaras
  • San Leandro, California
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