Thick, crusty nose healed with Snout Soother

Thank you so much for your wonderful product! My eight-year-old golden retriever, Jersey, is going to be much more comfortable from now on.  She once again has a warm, wet snout! 

My dog has had a dry, chapped nose for a few years now. No one could explain why. Then about a year ago my dog started having problems falling down and having seizures. She started taking medications that dried her out.  Her nose got worse, so bad in fact it was thick, dry, cracked, almost down to her nostrils.  I didn’t know what to do…until I saw your website!

I highly recommend Snout Soother for anyone with a dog. I opened the package on a Friday after work, and put the balm on her nose a few times a day. By Sunday evening at dinner the last of the dry skin just fell off! That’s it! Not even three days. Completely better – and you know I’m going to rub it in her nose to keep it from coming back!

Thank you again!  She looks better and I’m sure she feels better!! I will be telling everyone about it!!

Spotswood, NJ

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Snout Soother


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