We noticed instant results

We’ve never tried any other paw smoother/protector on Belle’s paws, but after trying Pawtection, there’s really no need to try anything else! The first time we applied the product to her paws, we noticed instant results. Her paws have always been dry and rough due to always going from in and out of water to dry land constantly. I would always watch her bite her paws and I never understood why she did that. Ever since applying the product, I haven’t seen her bite at her paws once!

Throughout a whole week we’ve gone on long walks, dog parks, swimming, and even to the beach. We always applied Pawtection before our adventures. When I would look at her paws after, they were still moisturized and soft. Usually they would be a little more dry than when we left, but not with Pawtection! It kept Belle’s paws soft all day long, no matter what.

We found the Natural Dog Company on Instagram through another one of our followers. They had nothing but great things to say about the Natural Dog Company and we decided to look into it ourselves. I’m so glad we did because these products work amazing. I would not hesitate in recommending these products to our friends and followers.


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