Henry & Penny

Henry has Stenotic Nares Surgery

Henry always had a dry nose while he was growing up, but at 8 months he had stenotic nares surgery (common in bulldogs to widen their nostrils so they can breathe easier) and after his stitches finally dissolved, we noticed his nose was super dry and cracked! We applied Snout Soother daily and VOILA! His nose instantly was smooth and shiny again! We have been using it daily on Penny every day since she came home with us and so far we have never seen her with a dry nose. Thank you again Natural Dog Company, we really love the product!!

Henry and Penny are blue french bulldogs who just moved from NYC to Tampa, FL. Henry is 1.5 years old and Penny is 6 months. We post daily on our instagram page (@henryandpenny) and love sharing our lives with our (almost) 20,000 followers!! We never thought it would gain this much attention but we are so happy and we love putting a smile on everyone’s faces!

Henry and Penny

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Snout Soother


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