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Ever since we received Snout Soother, we used it that night on Henk’s nose, and every day since -morning and night. I still cannot believe how quickly and efficiently Snout Soother has removed all that excess growth. I noticed on the third day, as I rubbed the nose balm in, the black parts of the growth were just falling off on my hand!

So, this morning, just one week of using Snout Soother, his nose is now clear of all extra growths, and looks better than it ever has.  Always, since he was a baby dog, he has had a very dry nose.  I shall continue to use it of an evening, to keep that nose moisturised.

Thank you, from me and the handsome Henk, for curing his nasal growth problem with Snout Soother!

Henk’s Nasal Growth
  • Andrea
  • Albany, Western Australia
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