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Tyler Durden


“I want to thank Natural Dog Company for making such a great product. We have been using the product on Tyler’s nose for the past week and have begun seeing some great results. Putting Snout Soother on is one of Tyler’s favorite parts of the day. He thinks it’s a treat and always tries to lick the extra off my fingers. it’s a good thing it is all natural! Tyler said he recommends this product to all his animal friends because a healed nose is a happy nose. Also, he said the ladies love a nice healed nose, and Tyler is all about the ladies.”

Tyler is a 4-year-old American Cocker Spaniel from the great state of California.  After months of insistent begging from Tyler, his parents decided to give in and open him his owned Instagram account.  He said the world needed to see his adventures on a daily basis. Tyler’s parents continue to be amazed by all the followers that follow Tyler as his adventures primarily consist of eating, napping, chasing squirrels, eating, napping… wait did we say eating and napping? Tyler loves to entertain people and hopes to do so for years to come.

Tyler’s healed nose is a happy nose
  • Paul and Tyler
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