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Ginny likes to share her latest adventures on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, find out how many bacon treats she’s eaten or how many cats she’s barked at by liking her Facebook page! All updates to her page are made by Ginny’s human owner but under the command of Ginny (she would do it herself but she can’t type as fast as her human, and staring at a computer screen makes her sleepy) of course!

Ginny’s on the go a lot, she has the ability to be very lazy but she does love to go out and explore! Unfortunately due to allergies and eczema, Ginny has incredibly dry and itchy skin around her paws, which sometimes makes it difficult for her to walk on concrete. Our vet tried every cream, medication and diet available, and while the itching stopped nothing could soothe her dry skin and cracked paws. In the hot weather her paws swell up and in the cold weather her paws become very red and dry. After using Snout Soother (which I was amazed to hear could be used on any dry skin on dogs, not just noses!) for just 5 days now the results are incredible, Ginny’s paws are healing at such a fast pace. The skin around her paws is nowhere near as dry and cracked as it was, and it’s amazing that this is just after 2 days of using Snout Soother! I’ll continue to use Snout Soother on Ginny’s paws. A big thanks to Natural Dog Company from Ginny and her owner! I would highly recommend this product to any dog owner if their dog is showing signs of having any dry skin.” Many thanks!

You can buy Ginny’s book “The Best Of Ginny” on! Search for the best of Ginny on

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