German Shepherd cracked, flaking nose

Jordan, my German Shepherd Dog, has allergies to just about everything (grass, wool, pollen, most types of trees near where we live). It took a few years to find an allergy shot that helped her stop constantly itching and scratching her dry skin. However, the allergy shot did not solve her dry snout. A local store recommended using their brand of paw protector to help her snout, which did very little. After a quick google search, I found the Natural Dog Company’s site. After reading all of the great reviews, I decided to give their Snout Soother a try.

The healing balm was so easy to apply and made me feel better that it was organic and safe (since she is a post-application licker). As you can see in the photos, Jordan’s snout was so dry to the point it was cracked, flaking, and bleeding. The after photo was taken just 8 days from starting to use the Snout Soother. Her dry dog nose  looks and feels so much healthier! It is still on its way to healing completely and will always need a little extra TLC, but I am so pleased with her results.

Lake in the Hills, IL

Products Used

Snout Soother