Furunculosis: Follicle infections

Mojo suffers from furunculosis, a condition that shows through recurring follicular infections that show up in between her toes. It can have many reasons, but in Mojo’s case it’s caused by environmental allergies and ingrown hairs. It causes itching and pain, and dogs often lick their feet a lot, which then often becomes an obsessive behaviour.

I have been applying PawTection before going on longer walks, rinsed her paws every time they got muddy, carefully dried the interwebbing of her paws, and applied the Skin Soother once daily. The licking has stopped completely, and her paws were perfect for over a month.

Last week I had forgotten to apply the balms, and on Saturday I caught her licking her toes again. So, I took a few pictures every day to show the healing process after applying the Skin Soother once daily for four days. Natural Dog Company balms work so well, as you can see for yourself! Her nails are a little longer than usual, her paws were painful so I postponed filing the nails.

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