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French Bulldog Village

I have two French Bulldogs and an English Bulldog of my own, as well as two French Bulldogs I foster for the French Bulldog Village Rescue. I picked up samples of your product at a local dog boutique in the town I live. My attention was first caught by the adorable pied French Bulldog that adorns the lid of Snout Soother. When I used the product,

I was very impressed.

It is wonderful to have a natural product that softens and protects their little noses. As you now, these smushy faced breeds have to stick their noses deep into their food dishes to gobble up the goods. With regular cleaning and application of your product, their noses stay soft and supple.

Dried, cracked noses are a big problem for many of the rescues we get in. Many also have problems with cracked paw pads and calluses from living in wire crates or on hard surfaces. Your product is also wonderful to apply to these areas.

French Bulldog Rescue
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