French Bulldog Allergies

We have a 6-year-old beautiful French bulldog. She’s constantly suffering from allergies and skin issues due to the fact that she’s such a sensitive breed. We’ve gone to the vet for her bacterial infections on her paws and they’ve prescribed a few different things. I’ve tried other skin balms and medicated solutions and nothing has given us the result your Skin Soother has!! We were completely blown away.

I bought the trial pack so I could try out different products. We’ve been putting the Snout Soother on her nose since it’s a little dry and it’s been amazing. The real winner though is the Skin Soother. Our baby had a flare up on her back paw so when I got my package yesterday I was excited! We applied it ONE TIME and we saw dramatics results. We applied it last night and today the redness was completely gone. I don’t usually leave reviews but holy moly this stuff is amazing!

Riverside, CA

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Skin Soother

Skin Soother tin

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