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Tilly has had a nose condition for a few years now and to be honest, we’ve no idea how or what started it. It was almost like it started getting a growth, like an extra thick layer of crust on it. She wouldn’t let any of us touch her nose and obviously, we didn’t want to persist and cause her pain as she started to get stressed out.

I’m a member of a Cavalier King Charles page on Facebook and recently posted a picture of Tilly after being at the pooch parlour. Someone commented on her nose and said their dog had something similar and they had tried a cream to help it. I looked into that cream and almost ordered it until one of my good friends mentioned Snout Soother. I decided to order Snout Soother as it is natural and I was very impressed by the reviews I read.

I took a photo yesterday after 4 days of application. We’ve put Snout Soother on only 1-2 times a day and I honestly can’t believe how good her nose is looking! She’s lost the awful thick dry crust and the brilliant thing is, her nose is looking lovely and wet like it used to! A bonus is, she’s actually a lot better now at us touching her nose!

I’m more than happy to give Snout Soother a 10/10 as its fantastic! I just wish I had of known about it years ago so I could’ve treated Tilly’s nose earlier! I’ve sent my little collage photo to my dog friends and they can’t believe the transformation! The great thing is, a friend of mine is now going to try your Paw Soother on her Staffie so I’ll ask her to submit a review so you can see the results! I wouldn’t mind trying that on Tilly too as her pads are a little rough at the moment.

Well done on a fantastic product!! I hope my review helps other people to try out your products!

  • Sarah
  • Newcastle, England
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