Moist paws that are as soft as a silk

I soooo have to share this amazing healing experience of Mike’s with all of you, guys! I ordered my very first Paw Soother days ago and I’ve been applying it on Mike’s cracked paws during the last days; his dry dog paws were absolutely rough and dry and every time he stepped on my foot or gave me his hand and his paw touched me, it was horrible; my skin would go from normal to extremely irritated in just a few seconds… It was awful. But now, in only 12 days I’ve noticed such a huge difference on him. His paws are like when he was a little puppy. They are moist and as soft as a silk fabric. I am absolutely happy with this amazing result and mostly because it has shown a huge difference IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!! That’s unbelievable!!!

I really recommend EVERYONE to get this Paw Soother for your doggy friend/baby! It’s absolutely incredible! Mike is happier now that hisdog paws aren’t cracked or bleeding and besides that, he can step on me with no regrets! Lol! This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! THANKS, @naturaldogcompany for your amazing product and the quality of it; it’s not only perfectly healing but totally natural, so I don’t have to worry if Mike wants to lick it! THANK YOU! Mike is sending you a big thank you with his new paws and all his heart! LOVING YOUR PRODUCT!

Maria Jose Rojas Rosales

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Paw Soother


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