Hamilton Pug

No More Dry Noses

My pug friends and I are always talking about ways to soften up our dry noses. It’s just one of those things that we are always dealing with. But now I’m telling all my buddies about Snout Soother because I think it just might be the cure. I’m also stoked about Paw Soother & Pawtector – those are vital for a city dog like me!

I’m just another pug dog with a rags to riches story. A one-time shelter dog from Columbus, Ohio, I now live in New York City – the city of dreams where the streets are lined with treats! I love breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in no particular order. I also like interacting with people and pugs on the Internet – and I host a popular weekly event on Wednesday nights on Twitter called #PugChat. You could come by! Please follow my adventures on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Hamilton Pug
New York City

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Snout Soother


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