Dozer, Peanut, Magnum, Butter, Bruno, Pebbles

So, my story is a bit complicated because there are 6 dogs and I have used your products on all of them….

I started with the Snout Soother as Peanut’s (pug) nose was getting drier with age. In a matter of a few days there was a noticeable improvement. After that, I had to order more products.

Magnum (Rottweiler) had a red and scabby foot, the area between his pad and toes, which I had taken him to the vet for. I was given an antibiotic, anti-bacterial cream. It seemed to help a little bit, but it did not rid him of the irritation and once the cream ran out, the problem worsened again. I started using the Skin Soother and it cleared the issue up and it has not resurfaced (that was at least 4 months ago).

Bruno’s (Boston/Frenchie mix) stomach became dry and scabby. I started using the Skin Soother and in 3 days his skin dramatically improved. Now I apply the Skin Soother weekly for maintenance.

Butter (pug) has a horribly moist nose crease and stunk no matter how often I cleaned it. The vet provided medicated wipes (which he hates) for daily use, but the wipes did not appear to address the issue well. Since starting the use the Wrinkle Balm his skin no longer looks pink/red and irritated, and the smell has significantly reduced.

There are occasional brawls between Magnum and Peanut – and with Peanut being the smaller dog, he has more than once found himself wounded, infected and needing to see the vet. After the last incident I used the Skin Soother on his wound and it healed nicely, no infection, and no need for a visit to the vet.

Of course, I have used the Paw Soother and PawTector on all of the dogs to try to keep their feet nice. Amazing products and I would highly recommend all of the products to anyone with a dog!

Ashmont, Canada

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