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Dog’s Nose is Chapped

My French Bulldog puppy, Russell, dog’s nose is chapped  and was starting to get a very thick brown nose and it looked very uncomfortable for him. I ordered a sample of Snout Soother to try on dog’s chapped nose and it arrived more quickly than I expected. I noticed a big difference to Russell the dog’s chapped nose overnight after the first use! I was blown away that it would work so quickly.  The “after” photo is after only one week of use. I had tried petroleum jelly, lip balm, and even butter to soften his chapped nose, but Russell hated having me rub it in – even the butter. He doesn’t mind the Snout Soother and will even come up and sit nicely when he sees the little tin come out! We love Snout Soother! Thank you so much for making an all natural product to help heal his nose.

Russell the Dog’s Nose is Chapped
  • Mike and June Gonzalez
  • Portsmouth, Rhode Island
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