I have an eight year old Boxer – Roxy. I have been struggling for years trying to figure out what was wrong with her poor nose. It was always so dry and cracked looking and I was sure it couldn’t be a comfortable situation for her. I began researching causes for dry, cracked noses on the Internet and your product came up in one of my searches. After reading your website and what Snout Soother could do I was convinced that I needed to give this a try. I believe my Roxy suffers from hyperkeratosis. I immediately began applying it to Roxy’s nose twice a day – once in the morning and again at night. By Thursday — four days later — her nose was completely healed. It completely changed the entire appearance of her face and she is so beautiful! I can only imagine that she also feels better not having her nose so dry and cracked. I am attaching before and after photos. I hope they are high enough in quality that you might be able to use them as I am touting your product to everyone I know as a miracle!!! I am so glad I found Snout Soother for my lovely Roxy.

Tamara Gutierrez

Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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Snout Soother


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