Crusty stuff on her nose began to occupy her left nostril

We got Tara from a rescue in January. She had this crusty stuff on her nose which appeared to be starting to occupy her left nostril. We took her to our vet who thought we needed to wait because of how skittish she still was. He said her crusty dog nose wasn’t severe, but for us it was extremely concerning at that point.
A few weeks later I decided to search the web and found Natural Dog Company. We hadn’t yet tried anything for her dry, crusty nose …. but I knew I didn’t want anything that could potentially make her sick because of ingesting it. That’s why I chose to try, Snout Soother. It’s only been 2 weeks of daily use and her dry nose is almost completely healed! So happy Snout Soother worked so well for my dog’s dry and crusty nose!

Marsall, WI

Products Used

Snout Soother