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Crusty Scourge

“My wife and I have been trying to remove/clear this awful, dry, crusty scourge from Lulu’s nose for nearly 3 years. This “yuck” is like it’s glued to her nose: it won’t peel, flake or slough off with anything our vets recommended. We’ve done research online, inquired of online vets and veterinary product producers and sellers. We’ve taken her to vets, even to a dermatological vet, and they all say that it’s an allergic reaction from something either in the environment, or to plastic bowls, toys or dog door flaps, and they don’t really know how to treat it or clear it up; or so they say.
So in our effort to tackle this ourselves, we tried a number of products that claimed would treat and/or remove this, but all they did was nothing or just softened it, but nothing removed it until we tried SNOUT SOOTHER. We applied a heavy application one morning, and then another at noon that same day. Then when I applied the evening application that same day, I noticed a bunch of black flakes on my finger. Those flakes looked like that stuff on her nose. Upon closer inspection of her nose, that “yuck” was breaking up and flaking off in my hands. I peeled about 80% of that stuff off, revealing the beautiful nose she was born with, that we hadn’t seen for a few years! That was 11 hours after the first application.
So I wiped off her nose and applied another coat for overnight. The following morning, I moistened a towel and wiped her nose, and the rest of that horrible “yuck” easily wiped off leaving behind that beautiful nose God gave her.
SNOUT SOOTHER is the only product that actually softened and removed that ugly… whatever it is… in less than 24 hours, and we, and this doggy, had been battling this for around 3 years; and this battle was not cheap with vet visits, medications and other trial-and-error products. Here, all this time and money later, all we really needed was one little tin of SNOUT SOOTHER.
We can also tell that she is much more comfortable. Before clearing this off, she would often just sit and lick her nose for minutes at a time. She hasn’t done that since we cleared off that awful crusty scourge. Now, since her nose is cleared up, we apply a light coat 2-3 times a day for maintenance, and she and we, have got that pretty nosey back.
So, if you’ve been struggling with your dog’s crusty nose, we totally recommend trying a tin of SNOUT SOOTHER, applying it in “full court press” fashion, and that’ll be that.”

  • Terry
  • Arleta, CA
image description

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