Here is a picture of my very happy American Bulldog, Crunch. The ‘before’ photo was before we started using Snout Soother on his nose and the ‘after’ was taken after a few days of using Snout Soother on his nose. As you can see from the amazing results – we are super satisfied with your product!

Crunch’s nose has been dry, crusty and bothering him for quite some time. We’ve been looking for a product to help ease the pain and dryness on his nose. Snout Soother is exactly what we were looking for because it moisturizes and soothes his nose.

My Crunchie bear is as happy as can be! Before using Snout Soother, Crunch would not let me touch his nose. Now when he sees me grab the tin he gets super excited and lets me apply it. We wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your amazing product. We have yet to try the Paw Soother and Pawtector but rest assured you will receive a review about that from us as well!

Your extremely satisfied customers,

San Francisco, CA

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Snout Soother


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