Chewed himself so bad, leaving red, bleeding, irritated sores.

Our beautiful Lurcher developed very bad dry, cracked, irritated skin almost 2 years ago. It was so bad to the point where he was biting himself to the point of bleeding, hot sore spots which became infected and extreme hair loss. This got so bad that he had self-mutilated his tail and left gaping red sores where he had chewed himself so bad. We were desperate! We tried changing almost everything going – vets, diet, treats, bedding, etc.! We were desperate to find something to help our poor boy!

After coming across your Skin Soother healing balm, I can honestly say I am amazed!! Truly amazing results within just 2 Days! Our boy is happy, healthy, no itching at all, no severe dry skin and all hot spots gone!! Even the hair which he has been bald on his whole tail, both sides of his legs and round his waist has started to grow back in healthy! This truly is a lifesaver! We cannot believe the difference! Thank you for developing something so fabulous! We have been recommending this to everyone! Our boy has gone from one of the worst cases of severe dry, cracked, sore and infected skin to healthy, pink, supple, soft, healed skin within such a short time! Thank you so much!

N Johnston
United Kingdom

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