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Is an only child and was born in Taiwan 28th May 2011, he then moved to Hong Kong where he was discovered by his loving Mum and Dogfather. He was born with a full white coat and looked like a stick of chalk (hence the name), but gradually developed patches of golden brown fur on his back. Most predominantly the heart shaped patch over his left back side. He currently weighs 11.4kg but looks small for his weight even with such a big head and wide, wide smiling mouth. He is well trained and knows most of the “common” tricks. Chalky is very energetic and loves playing with humans and other dogs too, and will show he is happy by wiggling his back side (because he has no tail). His all time favourite toy is a red rubber Frisbee, and a small black leather football comes a close second. His other past times include cos-play (dressing in costumes), going to the park, barking at the animals on the TV, breaking wind and of course tucking into his food and sleeping. Visit his Instagram page for super cute and fun pictures.

Although I am a handsome young boy (at least my parents think so) and less than 3 years old, I still suffer from a little dry nose that is unsightly and uncomfortable. You may ask how is this possible in such a hot and humid city like Hong Kong? Well, when I am at home we have the air conditioning on and this is bad for skin. We also have (short) winter here that also makes my nose dry. I love to use this stuff on my nose because my parents will gently dab it on and it doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable at all and it keeps my nose dark and glistening. My mum likes the smell and texture and she says is similar to her own balm (hope she doesn’t start using up all of mine). She also puts it over my hands and feet after I have been out running or just after a nice warm bath. My mum says that even though we got it and started using it for about a month, it really makes a difference and now she lets me back on her lap even when she’s in shorts, no more slicing up her thighs! It must also taste good too because I can’t seem to stop myself from licking it.
image description

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