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My lab, Carolina, loves all things outdoors. She loves the ocean, the backyard, the sand and the pool but none of these things love her paws! We travel often and with all those elements, plus the heat, and I needed something to heal her paws during rest times. It was very important to me to find something that not only worked, but was also completely safe for her to lick. I had seen Paw Soother on Instagram and decided to give it a try. Before they were so dry, rough and almost a gray color. Her paws are completely healing (you can tell the new skin that’s coming through on the outside of a few of her pads) and soft to the touch.

Instead of the scratchy gray shade, her paws are nice and shiny – almost like when she was first born!

She doesn’t even mind when I put it on and as you can tell by the after picture, it’s not a big deal if she gets in a few licks. It’s totally safe! And a bonus: 2 weeks ago she stepped on a shell at the beach and cut the inside of her paw near the web. I didn’t realize until we were home and she began licking. I immediately washed her paw and applied Paw Soother. By morning it had already stopped bothering her and begun to heal. It was 100% within a day. Amazing! I can’t recommend this product enough! Thanks Natural Dog Company!
Carolina heals her scratchy gray paws
  • Ashli
  • Huntsville, AL
image description