Impressed Our Veterinarian!

Hello there! I wanted to let you know that we LOVE your product. Our Great Dane, Carlos, has had terrible hyperkeratosis on his nose and paw pads, and Snout Soother is the only thing to ever help relieve his suffering. A friend sent me a link to your website so I ordered Snout Soother, not really expecting it to work since nothing else had. To everyone’s total amazement, within two weeks his nose was almost totally normal!The before and after pics were taken two weeks after beginning to use Snout Soother to show everyone how fabulous your product is.  Our Veterinarian said to let you know that she is impressed and will be recommending your product to her clients from now on.

I am putting in another order for Snout Soother, as I intent to use it for maintenance, and will also be ordering your Paw Soother to see if it can help the hyperkeratosis on his pads. Thank you for making and sharing such a wonderful product!

Winnipeg Canada

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Snout Soother