Cait’s Chihuahua with allergy irritation

I initially bought the Skin Soother, after seeing it on Instagram, for my Chihuahua’s seasonal allergies. She scratches and bites herself obsessively. She typically HATES anything I try to put on her, but she loves this. I put Skin Soother on areas that she scratches the most, she enjoys a little massage and it really does wonders for her allergy irritation. She’s hardly ever scratching now!

After seeing how great it was for my dogs skin, I started putting it on my roommate’s beagle, who had some scabbing due to her collar. It totally transformed her skin in 3 days. Scabbing and red sores are gone and now we’re just waiting for the hair to grow back 🙂

And did I mention it smells incredible?! Honestly, I’ve been caught using this product on my elbows and it’s even been great for razor burn lol

Great, effective and organic. Will definitely be buying from you guys again.

Providence, RI

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Skin Soother


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