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Wanted to submit this review and show the improvement provided by the new Wrinkle Balm. Our bully is an extremely special case because he suffers from Lupus. While this disease mainly affects his joints and kidneys, it also does a number on his eyes, nose, and nose rope. Unfortunately, because of the Lupus, we must be extremely careful with the products and medicine we use because almost anything can aggravate the disease and send him into a flare-up causing pain, joint stiffness, skin issues, and a whole number of problems that lead us to the vet’s office, a round of steroids, and antibiotics. Luckily, we found your website and line of products that seem to pair well with the issues we face trying to keep him healthy and handsome. We were longtime users of your Snout Soother product, but being a stereotypical stubborn bulldog, he decided he no longer cared for that and refused to allow us to apply it. Anytime we did manage a good slathering, he spent the next 45 minutes rubbing his nose along various items in an attempt to get it off, usually causing more harm than good. No worries, it wasn’t the product, it was just him showing us he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to and that he was boss – like I said, the typical bulldog.

I wanted to include lots of pictures to show exactly how bad it was before and what a difference Wrinkle Balm made. While I know the wrinkle balm is intended for creases and cracks, our bully’s biggest problem was in his nose rope and nose. We started with the outside of his nose first and within three days all of the dried crust had started to stay moist and gooey. It cracked and peeled up within 5 days and by day 10 all of it had shed and his new nose started to emerge! Once all the crust was out of the way we got a good look inside his nose rope and as you can see it wasn’t a pretty sight! There were open sores, irritation, and quite a large amount of goo building up. We started applying the snout soother inside the nose rope as well as continuing its use on the nose twice a day and within 3 days the sores were visibly smaller and the area a lot less irritated and inflamed. By the end of the week, all open sores and raw spots were completely gone and although still gooey, it was clearly healing and on the right track. After 10 days, our bully’s nose was fresh and healthy looking and after two weeks it had completely healed, which made him much more handsome for the ladies!

I have to admit that we weren’t lazy parents before Wrinkle Balm. Because of his health issues with Lupus, we maintain a strict regimen of cleaning with him and this included a daily wipe down of his nose rope area with an unscented baby wipe after mealtimes, but it just wasn’t enough. The formula for Wrinkle Balm however, did an excellent job of re-moisturizing the area and helping to block out all of the things that manage to accumulate in and around his nose area. This helped the skin stay moist, healthy, and stop irritation and sores. While I never expect his nose to be perfect, Wrinkle Balm has made a tremendous improvement and is now part of our daily routine in our bully’s care. Thank you for making such great and holistic products that really work!

  • S. Chivington
image description

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