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Dry Bulldog Nose

My one and a half-year-old English Bulldog Brutus has had a dry cracked bulldog nose for several months now and it looked bad. His bulldog nose actually looked like it was going to fall to pieces and I thought that it would never be the same again. When I had him at the vet office the doctor told me there wasn’t much that can really be done about it since dogs will lick off whatever you put on his bulldog nose. She could only recommend to try Vasoline Intensive Care but I didn’t think that would be too good for him to lick off. So I looked online and found Snout Soother. Let me tell you Snout Soother works and it works amazingly fast and if your dog licks it off it will not make your dog sick since its all natural. All I did was every time I brought Brutus back inside the house, I would spread it over his nose and the Snout Soother would go inside all the cracks and it only took three days until his bulldog nose was healed. It definitely works! Thanks for the great product . . . . I was so amazed.

Update: I wanted to pass along to you some praise about your Snout Soother from my dog Brutus’ veterinarian, Greensburg Veterinary Associate – Debra W. Petraccaro DVM in Greensburg, PA . I showed her the pictures – the same ones I sent to you and she was absolutely amazed at the results and how quick it worked on Brutus’ bulldog nose. Dr. Petraccaro liked how I did the photo’s by taking one every day to show the progress of healing with your Snout Soother. She also mentioned that she has even talked to dermatologists before about other bulldog noses and there was nothing they could do. She will definitely be ordering some. She had no idea about this product and I am certain that she will pass the word along to all the other veterinarians she consults with. I tell you I have been telling everyone I know about your product. You have truly helped animals from a painful nose and even irritated feet from winter time salt. We just need to get the word out about your product cause I’m sure there are probably a lot of other veterinarians out there that don’t know about it and so they wouldn’t be able to recommend it for their patients. I hope you put Brutus’ nose pictures up on your site as they will help everyone to see how well Snout Soother works. I’m sure it will because it is absolute proof. Well thank you so much for helping my little buddies nose.

  • Shawn McCauley
  • Penn, Pennsylvania
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