Bulldog dermatitis

“My bulldogs were experiencing horrible dermatitis, one broke out in a red rash and the other was suffering from hot spots. I was desperate to try anything I could find that might help give my dogs relief.
Once I read the reviews I was like – “only one application and you can see the difference? Pshh yeah right”.

Then I put Skin Soother on and saw a difference after just one use. ONE! It was like heavens gates opened up and I saw the light. I began with two applications a day but now I am  down to one. We are almost through our first 4 oz tin and their coats are smooth and soft. The best part is they aren’t red and itchy anymore! I was such a skeptic, but man does this stuff work. I ended up purchasing a Wrinkle Balm after the Skin Soother and their tear stains cleared up immediately.” bulldog dermatitis

Vacaville, CA

Products Used

Skin Soother

Skin Soother tin

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