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Dr. Bones McCoy

Bone’s Chronic Dry Nose

He suffers from chronic dry nose, which results in ugly, cracked, hard brown patches that almost look like a fungus, all over his nose. We have tried everything to treat his chronic dry nose – from Bag Balm to Vaseline, to various homemade remedies – all to no avail. Then we heard about Snout Soother from Jan Oswald of Bulldog Health, and thought we’d give it a try on Bone’s chronic dry nose. Within a few days, we could see a noticeable improvement in Bones’ chronic dry nose! Like magic, the dried up lumps on his snout began to literally crumble and fall off, leaving him with a healthy soft black nose in about a week. Snout Soother is a miracle in a tin – we will always keep a supply on hand as part of Bones’ beauty and health regimen. Thank you for this amazing product. We are customers for life!

Dr. Bones McCoy’s Chronic Dry Nose
  • The Wallace Family
  • San Jose, California
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