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I had heard so many good things about Natural Dog Company that I ordered some Paw Soother for my dog, Bo.
His paw pads were so rough and scratchy that you could actually hear the dry skin against the bed sheets.
These pictures are after just ONE application – I had no idea what his paws were supposed to look like! I now apply Paw Soother every night and he’s back to being my happy and soft little cuddlebug 🙂

Paws not only get pets from place to place, they also help regulate body temperature. Dogs breathe through their feet and cool themselves through the middle sections of their pads (and their tongue).
Extreme elements can cause severe injury on dog paws, such as hot pavement, hot sand, sharp bits of ice, or chemicals used to melt the frozen water, so it is essential to take care in protecting dog’s paws.
While winter cold and summer heat often mean extra care of dog paws, it is necessary to protect the animal’s feet year-round. For example, dogs that frequently run around parks or in your backyard can pick up small pebbles between paw pads or cut their pads
on sharp twigs or rocks. Source

It’s important to protect your dog’s paws all year-round with PawTector and heal them with Paw Soother.

  • Christine
  • Rockaway, NJ
image description