We received our Natural Dog Company items in the mail not too long ago, and have already began using the Paw Soother and PawTector sticks on Bentley’s paws. He was biting at and licking his paws on a daily basis, and after a few weeks we noticed it was because his paws were very dry and cracked from the hot gravel and cement at parks! The Paw Soother started healing his dry paws within just a few days of applying, and the PawTector has been great for protecting his paws in our varying weather patterns and terrain in the Midwest. He has stopped biting and licking his paws, and I can tell he is feeling better. In addition, I love these travel stick size products as they are easy to throw in my bag or pocket when on the go! If my dog is happy, then so am I, and we both feel like we won here! Thank you for some great products!

Eden Prairie, MN

Products Used

Paw Soother


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