Sensitive Pitbull with Belly Rashes

My dog Kody is a pitbull mix we adopted from a local rescue. He is a fun pup that loves to be out in the dirt, sand, grass and water…which is not always the best for his sensitive skin! But, now we have an awesome treatment for his skin ailments thanks to Natural Dog products. Thank you for making such wonderful products!! I bought the small travel size Skin Soother to test out on my pup’s irritated belly/groin and I am amazed at what a difference 3 days of using it has made!!! I will definitely be purchasing more!! Another plus is that he didn’t try to run away when I was going to put it on. Usually he hates any sort of creams, ointments or sprays even near him! With this product he rolled right over and let me lather it on! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Marie D.
Lompoc, CA

Products Used

Skin Soother


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