My chocolate lab, Bella, sure does love walks. She won’t just stop at one – but likes at least two or three a day. This makes her very happy, but

I had noticed her paws looked pretty dry and cracked. They also seemed to be a little sensitive when I touched them.

I started researching for a product to fix this issue and had found a few waxes, but wanted something better. One day, we were scrolling down on Bella’s Instagram account and saw one of her doggie friends had used your product, which led me to look at your guys’ website. I loved how all of your products were made with all natural ingredients. Bella and I are big fans of all natural products and after reading the wonderful reviews, I decided to purchase the combo pack of the Paw Soother and Pawtector.

I was very impressed how instantly your products worked. The after photo was taken following just two uses, and I was so amazed I had to share.

Bella’s paws look beautiful with less cracks every time it’s used. She also doesn’t seem to be sensitive anymore when I touch them which is great. Thank you for creating products to help me take care of my dog, who is my world. I really appreciate it.

Cassandra Ritter
Henderson, Nevada

Products Used

Paw Soother


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