Bella’s paws were all cracked and dry from the concrete sidewalks and all the exercise she gets at the park. I got Paw Soother and PawTector hoping to at least protect her paws! But I was amazed by the results. In just one week, her paws look a lot better. I was using PawTector in the morning and Paw Soother at night on the first 2 days. But she doesn’t like the scent of Paw Soother at all, and she wouldn’t sit still after I applied it. She didn’t have the same reaction with PawTector, she didn’t mind the scent, so I changed the routine and it worked. One week later, her paws are a lot softer and you can barely see the cracks! Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product, we loved it!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Products Used

Paw Soother


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