Good morning, here I send you two photos with and without the products, the picture above is the one taken the first day and bellow the picture taken one week later.

Artic is 11 months old, and one day (with 10 months) we realized that in some areas he could barely walk, so we checked his paws and there was the answer…the pads were all cracked and so worn.

We started using some products the vet recommend but nothing, no improvements.

One day, I found out about your products via Instagram and decided to buy them and see if it works.

I am SO happy I finally found Paw Soother because for the first time I’m seeing some results and have a happy puppy again.

Thanks a lot for having such great products (including the snout soother that I use every day with all my dogs)


Madrid, Spain

Products Used

Paw Soother


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