Amazed at the difference Paw Soother makes

Love this paw product so much! The pictures were taken about 35 minutes apart. My pup has never had bad paws but I noticed they were getting a little dry so I decided to try Natural Dog Company. The fact that I applied just a thin amount of Paw Soother amazed me because of the difference it made. It made my dogs paws feel and look much smoother. Definitely would recommend!

My pups name is Ollie he just recently turned one. I basically got this product just for fun, Ollies paws were never in bad condition or had any problems but there was this one time when he did almost get his bottom thumb pad pretty damaged. They were just on the dry side so I thought why not try this product out since the company looked great! So I went ahead and got Paw Soother and just after 35 minutes of the application I got amazing results even though I thought his paws were fine, the results showed how dry his paws were. This Paw Soother made his paws amazingly look and feel much smoother. I use thePaw Soother probably every other day ever since I got it but I actually just apply a small layer and it’s been treating him well! He does like to lick the product sometimes though and I think thePaw Soother smells delicious, lol.

Santa Ana, CA

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