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Boxer nose so dry it felt like a brick

I had seen Natural Dog Company’s ads on IG probably 1,000 times before I finally bought, but it was really because my boxer’s nose was in such bad shape. It was so hard that it felt like a brick on there and I can’t imagine it didn’t bother her. There was like this nasty crust on the tip that was so hard, you’d have to touch it to believe it. I bought the 2oz balm of their Snout Soother less than a week ago and it was delivered to my house in just a couple days. I couldn’t believe it…From Texas to NY?! ….Crazy fast shipping so thank you for that!

I rubbed Snout Soother on her nose like chapstick right away and just did that twice that night. Took 2 seconds. I then did it the next morning and I swear, it already looked and felt so much better!! I can’t stress to you enough HOW amazed I am at how quickly her nose has drastically healed. It’s only been 4 days now and her nose is completely better. Not just kind of better or pretty much good, but really, completely better, soft, almost silky……crazy!!

The picture doesn’t do much justice, unfortunately, but in real life, it looks even better. I’m now just continuing to put the Snout Soother balm on her because it just feels so nice, but she really has like a new completely new nose.  I don’t know if this is normal or not or if any other dogs had results like this so quickly, but I’m just grateful and can’t thank these guys enough!! 🙂

  • J.N.
  • West Islip, NY
image description

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