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With each product we create, we strive to help all dogs live their best life free of frustrating skin conditions & ailments. We love our doggie customers as if they were our own — and they seem to like us, too! These furry friends had their faithful humans translate their profound, successful transformation journeys!

Wrinkle Balm


I wanted to let you know that the Wrinkle Balm helped our cat with the healing of the over-grooming damage she did to her tummy. We did visit a dermatologist veterinarian, so she is being helped further with her allergies. The balm helped noticeably with her urge to lick her tummy. We also had an e-collar on her…

  • Julie
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My Frenchie’s wrinkles started to itch, develop wrinkle goo and soon inflammation set it in – regardless of good wrinkle hygiene! After 10 days of using the Wrinkle Balm we’ve seen the redness and swelling go down!

  • Riikka
  • Finland

Our boxer dog has had a problem with puppy acne (aka canine acne) since we got him! I use Skin Soother & Wrinkle Balm for his acne, and it’s helped so much!

  • Stephanie
  • Spencerport, NY

Palmer struggled with puppy acne for many months. We tried prescription ointment, medicated wipes and even switched his bowls with no improvement. Finally, we came across the products from Natural Dog Company on Facebook and decided to give it a try. Now thanks to your products, Palmer’s canine acne has completely cleared up can continue breaking hearts.

  • Ivette
  • Hawthorne, CA

The fact that these products are all-natural and organic immediately caught my eye, along with other rave reviews – especially about the wrinkle balm and its treatment of canine acne. I knew I had to give it a try. WOW, are we impressed with the results!

  • Lauren
  • Swedenboro, NJ

Staffordshire terrier, pitbull with sensitive skin and skin dermatitis got amazing results using Skin Soother and Wrinkle Balm!

  • Natasha
  • Canada

As a pug, you have to clean the wrinkles daily, and you can get really dry wrinkles from cleaning so frequently. Wrinkle Balm made a huge difference!

  • C.J.
  • Atlanta, GA

Snout Soother and Wrinkle Balm are the best purchase I have made as it works a treat without all the nasties. I saw a difference to both her nose and wrinkles within the first couple of days of using.

  • Levi
  • Gold Coast, Australia
Fur Baby

My fur baby’s wrinkles by his nose were getting very red and inflamed. Within just 4 days of Wrinkle Balm he is already looking a million times better!

Fur Baby
  • Lauren S.
  • Pleasant Grove, UT
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