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With each product we create, we strive to help all dogs live their best life free of frustrating skin conditions & ailments. We love our doggie customers as if they were our own — and they seem to like us, too! These furry friends had their faithful humans translate their profound, successful transformation journeys!

Skin Soother


Dog rash healed with Skin Soother after no results using prednisone, gentamicin or hydrocortisone. Major improvement to my rash after just 4 days.

  • Loren
  • Colombia
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French bulldog allergies and skin issues are common for such a sensitive breed. I’ve tried other skin balms but nothing works like Skin Soother!

  • Summer
  • Riverside, CA

Her nose got scratched up pretty bad. I already had the Skin Soother, so I started putting it on twice a day and after a week her wound healed very nicely!

  • Chelsea
  • Van Alstyne, TX

Our boxer dog has had a problem with puppy acne (aka canine acne) since we got him! I use Skin Soother & Wrinkle Balm for his acne, and it’s helped so much!

  • Stephanie
  • Spencerport, NY

Palmer struggled with puppy acne for many months. We tried prescription ointment, medicated wipes and even switched his bowls with no improvement. Finally, we came across the products from Natural Dog Company on Facebook and decided to give it a try. Now thanks to your products, Palmer’s canine acne has completely cleared up can continue breaking hearts.

  • Ivette
  • Hawthorne, CA

Our “problem child” has always had extremely itchy skin. After a year of trying everything, I put Skin Soother on an area of his leg and he is SO relieved after I put it on!

  • Lindsey
  • Artesia, NM

My dog has been biting and pulling her hair out for years, and even after several trips to the vet, we never knew she had a yeast infection. Skin Soother

  • Shanoa
  • Chatsworth, CA

Nothing could stop the extreme neck and chest scratching…we had tried 4 different lotions, all would make him itch even worse. I had seen a few testimonials on the company’s Instagram and finally ordered your Skin Soother Balm last week. I. Am. AMAZED! After only 3 days of use, twice a day, his fur is already growing back! Not a single scratch at the neck since his first application.

  • Nicole
  • Bloomington, CA

Chewed himself so bad, leaving red, bleeding, irritated sores. Our beautiful Lurcher developed very bad dry, cracked, irritated skin almost 2 years ago. It was so bad to the point where he was biting himself to the point of bleeding, hot sore spots which became infected and extreme hair loss. This got so bad that he…

  • N Johnston
  • United Kingdom
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