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With each product we create, we strive to help all dogs live their best life free of frustrating skin conditions & ailments. We love our doggie customers as if they were our own — and they seem to like us, too! These furry friends had their faithful humans translate their profound, successful transformation journeys!



Perfect for those with an active lifestyle I am so pleased with the results of this product. It is very easy to apply, and I see a be difference on Cleo’s paw pads. The right Paw feels very soft and smooth after using the Pawtection. The left Paw that did not have Pawtection is very…

  • Lolita
  • @Cleopatra.luna_therapypup

Pawtection worked amazingly on Bubba’s paws to make them less rough and look healthier. At the first application I saw the difference, they immediately looked less chapped. After a couple days of using the difference was undeniable.

  • Sherilyn

Throughout a whole week we’ve gone on long walks, dog parks, swimming, and even to the beach. We always applied Pawtection before our adventures. When I would look at her paws after, they were still moisturized and soft. Usually they would be a little more dry than when we left, but not with Pawtection! It kept Belle’s paws soft all day long, no matter what.


My dogs dry dog paws were absolutely rough and dry. With Paw Soother, I’ve noticed such a huge difference with his paws – they are moist and as soft as silk.

  • Maria Jose Rojas Rosales
  • Colombia

Mojo suffers from furunculosis, a condition that shows through recurring follicular infections that show up in between her toes. We were able to treat and prevent this naturally with PawTection and Skin Soother.

  • @MojoAndFriends

Wisconsin winter, salt, and ice have dried out her poor feet…but thanks to Natural Dog Company Paw Soother, we are repairing years of damage.

  • Erin
  • Madison, WI
Fox Mandu

Even though we applied Musher’s Secret paw protecter on her paws, they were still getting super dry and developing these “pimples” (lack of a better term).

Fox Mandu
  • Pearl M.
  • Seattle, WA

The Skin Soother has helped with hot spots, itching for her allergies, and losing hair in a few spots. I attached a few photos of the results so far!

  • Lauren M.
  • Fort Worth, TX

I got PawTection for the winters here in Cleveland I was looking for some protection from the cold weather and salt on our walks. The results after one use of the Paw Soother are very obvious and I’ll keep using this to keep his paws nice and healthy.

  • Nora
  • Parma Heights, OH
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