Protect Your Dog Against Dry, Rough Paw Pads With PawTection!

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Hot concrete, warm sand, and ice-cold snow can all contribute to rough, dry paw pads.

Take a moment to feel the bottom of your dog’s paws. Are they smooth, or rough and cracked? Wherever your dog goes they rely on their paws to take them there, and while paw pads are incredibly sturdy they are surely not invincible.

Long walks, sandy trails, hot concrete, and snow are just a few of the common causes of rough, scratchy paw pads. Many dog owners chalk it up as normal, but if your dog does not have smooth paw pads they could be experiencing discomfort. You want to ensure your dog’s rough, dry paw pads are given the proper moisture as well as protection. That’s where PawTection comes into the picture.

The latest addition to our line of all-natural dog products, PawTection is here to help sooth dry paws, as well as provide an all-natural barrier against further damage. It’s the wax base used in the balm that locks in moisture and provides a layer of protection against the elements.

So does it really work? According to customer reviews PawTection has made a host of humans, and most importantly canines, incredibly happy. One of these happy customers comes all the way from Tavagnacco, UD Italy; Bicciato Maurizio writes to Natural Dog, “Great! The pads are very soft.”

And all the way across the globe in Edmonton, AB Canada, Nichole F writes about PawTection, “My bulldog mix has dry paw pads. I have just started using it and can already see a difference. I am hoping it will keep his paws soft and protect them thru the long snowy winter ahead! I am using this along with the Paw Soother product. Defintily will be re-buying once I run out!”


Your dog may love playing in the snow but it can cause a lot of wear and tear on their paw pads.

Many of our customers are waiting to use PawTection during the winter when paws, and skin of all types, are most prone to drying out. Think about your own epidermis during the coldest months of the year, your hands get rough and your skin needs ample amounts of lotion. A few different reasons contribute to dry paw pads, for instance you don’t walk around on bare hands and feet all day, but the same premise occurs to dog paws when the weather turns icy.

You can’t just apply any lotion to your dog’s paws, dogs are sensitive and deserve extra special care. Dogs lick their entire bodies, paws included, which is why non-organic ingredients can cause many internal issues for your precious pup. PawTection is made with carefully sourced ingredients that are just as good for your dog’s insides and outsides.

Chesley Glassco, from Winchester, Tennessee, writes about PawTection, “I have only used the PawTector a few times, because I am saving it more for our winter months when my gsd will need it the most! But works wonderful as expected.”

Chesley isn’t the only one stocking up on PawTection for the harsh winter months; plenty of other pups around the world will enjoy a winter with smooth, strong paw pads, sans the discomfort associated with rough, dry skin.


Your dog is a true warrior, give them protection where they need it most!


Colette Stoddard from Farmingville New York was hesitant about trying PawTection at first, and so she only ordered the sample size to try on her dog. After applying the product to her dog’s rough paw pads she is now a believer. Stoddard says, “This product is well worth the money.”

We can’t help but agree! After all, we work hard to provide a product that is carefully sourced, all natural, 100% effective, and always affordable.

PawTection is on a mission: Protect. Prevent. Heal!

Try PawTection risk free! If you and your dog are not completely satisfied with our all-natural product we guarantee to return your money in full.