Party Animals: Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs!

515HUViELGL._SY355_It’s almost Halloween, time for the witches, goblins, werewolves and endless bowls of candy to make an appearance. Your dog likes to get into the festivities too, after all what dog doesn’t love a night full of treats?! So how do you plan to show your HOWL-oween spirit?

Dogs are naturally cute, but while wearing a costume they are even cuter. It’s little wonder that according to the National Retail Federation, 22 million people plan to dress their pets up for Halloween, spending a total of $330 million on pet costumes. Trick-Or-Treaters love to see a doggy all dressed up at the door, and nothing makes for a cuter photo than a puppy in costume.

Wondering what you will dress your dog up as this year? Now is the time to start shopping for the perfect pet costume! You want to have plenty of time to make sure the costume fits comfortably before the big night.

One major issue with pet costumes is getting your pet to keep the costume on throughout the evening. Uncomfortable costumes, or flimsy accessories may end up all throughout the house while your dog runs around in his or her birthday suit.

While not all of these costumes are guaranteed to make it through the night, we have found some of the funniest, and downright adorable dog costumes sure to put a grin on your face.

1. Lion Dog Costume

An easy way to dress up your big or small dog is to throw on this mane hair wig. If you have little kids you can dress them up as a lion tamer and you have a great pair.


This ‘fierce’ costume is listed for $10 on

2. Hot Dog Halloween costume

The perfect costume for wiener dogs everywhere!


Dress your dog up in this delicious get-up for $14 on

3. Starbucks Dog

Pinterest offers endless costume ideas for dogs. If you are crafty enough to make your own costumes from home you can dress your dog up as just about anything, including a cup of coffee!


4. Cat in The Hat

This homemade creation is another winner that allows you to incorporate more than one pet, and yourself!


This entire get-up is HOME MADE!

5. A Bunch of Grapes

This dog featured on is very tolerant of this bulky bunch of grapes.


6. Cha-cha-CHIA Pet

Why not turn your dog into a living Chia Pet this Halloween? This adorable Boston Terrier rocks the look well!


Image Credit:

7. Spider Pug


Image Credits:

8. Superman Dog

Since your dog really is a superhero, what a fitting costume idea!


Dress your dog up as a superhero for $6 on

9. Princess of The Pups


Purchase for $14 on

10. Butterfly Dog


$11 on

Tips For Dog Halloween Costume Safety–How To Make Sure Your Dog Loves Their Costume As Much As You!

While costumes are fun you must always consider your dog’s overall comfort and safety. Here are some helpful tips to keep your dog happy, cute, and safe this Halloween:

-Avoid costumes that cover your dog’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. You want to be sure that your pup can breathe, bark, see, hear, and smell sufficiently, even if a part of their costume gets shifted out of place when you are not looking.

-Once your dog allows you put the costume on, make sure you have treats or some sort of positive reward waiting and ready.

-If your dog does not typically wear costumes, make sure to try it on before the big night so that your dog gets a feel for it, as well as to make sure it properly fits.

-Find a costume that your dog can properly move in, the costume won’t be as cute if your dog doesn’t act natural while wearing it.

-Check the costume for any small attachable pieces that could easily be chewed off, swallowed, or choked on.

halloween_logoWith the right costume for your canine, you are ready to enjoy a dog-gone great Halloween!

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